Our partner in bringing you a personalized whole food plant based meal planner to optimize your nutritional experience and empower you to be a master of WFPB eating. You will set up your personalized plans with the MountainFit team during your second check in visit.

Fact Checker

A great resource started by Dr. Michael Greger, MD, FACLM that answers most nutrition-based questions in a science-first manner.


James will send you personalized movement routines through this site. Please do not perform any of the exercises on this site without his guidance.

Produce Guide

In a perfect world, we would have access to only organically grown produce. Thanks to the hard work by the folks at EWG, we have a guide that makes our produce shopping choices easier. The clean 15 are “okay” if not organic, the dirty dozen are a “no-go” if they are not organic. Click on the link to see more from

The Happy Pear

These two vegan Irish brothers share their plant based recipes.

Plantastic Life

Great whole food plant based recipes along with great educational material.