“Best investment ever!! I just finished the 7 day detox, with meal planner program, and am so happy I did! It reminded me how I’m supposed to feel, when I feed my body what it needs to be at it’s healthiest. I remembered how delicious fresh food is without any dairy, processed foods or sweets, and I surprisingly no longer crave or desire the other foods that I used to eat! It’s the best gift you could give to yourself, or your family, or a loved one! I feel amazing physically, have more energy, especially in the mornings when I wake up, and I’m giving the best medicine to my body by eating clean. Thank you MountainFit Wellness for reminding me how good it feels to be healthy. It all starts with what we put into our body. As the wonderful Wim Hof says.. Happy, Heathy, and Strong!! Anything is possible!”



“MountainFit Wellness has helped me to find the path to become the healthier person I want to be. Aerine and James are full of patience, compassion, ideas, and ENERGY! And they always go the extra mile to engage me, listen to me, and answer my many questions, while always making me feel comfortable enough to try new ways to challenge myself; such as learning about buying, eating and enjoying clean food and trying different types of exercise, including as walking, meditating, and stretching. In addition, they have made their location very inviting, and thru partnering with other health and fitness experts, they have added numerous classes; Yoga and Nia to inspire their clients to move, and learn more about themselves. James and Aerine truly care about their clients and want us to realize we can obtain as much as we wish, while enjoying our daily lives along the way. The most important thing to me is this adventure, which has quickly become a life-style choice for me, has given me a new found happiness with myself as a whole person; not only with the positive changes to my body, which I have been lacking for many years, but by knowing the first step was the hardest, and I am continually becoming a better me; in body, mind and spirit too! Thank you, James and Aerine. I am so glad to have become part of your MountainFit Wellness life.”



“That was much needed! Thanks MountainFit Wellness. The body activation and alignment has me feeling alive again.”



“I can highly recommend the 7 Day Detox for anyone who is done with feeling sluggish and unhealthy. The absolute best and easiest way to begin a new and healthy lifestyle! Thanks James and Aerine, you are saving people’s lives!“



“I did the 7 day liver detox and it was just what I needed to shake off the winter and welcome in spring. I felt like I had much more energy and my overall mood was better after completing it. Even though I am not in Louisville where MounainFit is located, Aerine provided great encouragement throughout the week and made picking out food much easier. I’m looking forward to using the online meal planner to continue with the healthy habits this detox kick started!”



“ I just finished the 7 day guided detox with James and Aerine, I was very pleased with how it went. It wasn’t easy at first but the end result is what I was hoping for! I feel better, I feel full a lot faster and I got reacquainted with my love for vegetables! It was really fun to get creative in the kitchen and I hope to keep it up! “


“James and Aerine were so wonderful to work with! I was feeling off and having stomach issues. I did a 7 day detox cleanse and felt so much better afterwards. The meal planning website is so convenient and easy to use, and it creates a grocery list from all the recipes. Aerine was there to answer questions throughout my cleanse and made it much easier!”


“ I recently finished the 7-Day Guided Detox and found it very informative. I had a lot more energy, felt great and a renewed interest in the foods I consume. The online meal planner is awesome! It has lots of great recipes that are quick and easy and it will even help you create a grocery list! Aerine and James are passionate about what they do and truly want to help you live your healthiest life possible. “


“I am so thankful for the encouragement and expertise of James and Aerine! They are thoughtful in their recommendations and always bring to mind the progress I have made. I would recommend MountainFit Wellness to anyone wishing to change their relationship with food and who are eager to create a lifestyle rooted in overall well-being!!!”


“Aerine and James are passionate about health, mind and body. When I had my consult with James he really took the time to listen to what I needed and develop a program that was suited for me. He was really thorough in explaining the products and how they would work. During my detox, they both checked in with me several times and had a follow up visit when I was done. It’s very clear they care about their clients. In addition to their detoxing and wellness plans, they also offer yoga classes and their social media and marketing are full of great recipes and tips for a healthier lifestyle. If you’re looking to get healthier, lose weight or detox and reset your system, I would highly recommend looking in to Mountains Fit and their mission.”


“Totally impressed with MountainFit and the detox plan! My household eats very healthy, cooks very clean, and is extremely active. It's always hard to teach/convince "healthy" people how to improve but we knew a quick refresh and RESET would be a great challenge and interesting find about our habits. I can say my constant need for sweets has been altered and I feel a bit more in control and aware! It's easy to get lost and feel deserving of the good stuff ... which is ok... just in moderation. We plan to continue these every 90 days or so and just love the attention to detail and assistance Aerine and James provided. Questions were answered in a timely manner and the check ins were helpful along the way. Looking forward to more work with their business!!”


“ I did the 7 day cleanse about 2 weeks ago from my friends at MountainFit Wellness and I felt so great after and loved the way I felt inside and out. It’s a lifestyle not a diet and so easy to eat good healthy foods! I forgot how much I love red cabbage. Thanks guys for helping me get back on track and eating to fuel my body. I have a rare skin condition called Dariers that often makes me very self conscious, but after those 7 days I noticed an improvement even in my skin and for me thats a pretty big deal! “