Yoga & Nia

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Nia with Maria & Casey

“Through movement we find health.”

The Nia Technique is a cardio dance fitness class that combines simple dance moves with martial arts and healing arts to provide a total body workout that includes your mind, emotions and spirit. Nia fitness is based on the idea that exercise should feel good - inside and out!

Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body, mind, emotions and spirit by paying attention to sensation. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindfulness and holistic fitness and well-being.


Yoga with KC

Yoga meets physical therapy in this class, with emphasis on alignment and breath work to reduce your risk of injury and enhance your emotional and physical well-being. This style of yoga is based on Medical Therapeutic Yoga, which integrates the long standing tradition of yoga with today’s science and evidence regarding healthy human movement. Come to class free of expectations or judgement, we area all learning together! This class is suitable for anyone and everyone.



Power up with Tavi

Join Tavi Wallace and “power up” with a vinyasa style flow for the first 30 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes will focus on winding down, with gentle, restorative poses and the occasional guided meditation. Move your body, love your body.



Yin Yoga with Elena

Yin Yoga focuses on finding the comfort within the discomfort. By using the breathe we can lengthen our muscles and strengthen our connective tissue. Wear comfortable clothes and get ready for a gentle and relaxing practice!


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Power Up with Laura

Laura is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher who found her love for yoga after a competitive career in D1 sports was ended by a knee injury. In recovery from an ACL reconstruction, she started to try other forms of movement to maintain her mental and physical health. Through the practice of yoga that she found that she was not only healing physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The balance of effort and ease required in the yoga practice was something totally new for Laura, and it provided a foundation for self reflection, growth, and transformation. In each class she teaches, she hopes to create an opportunity for her students to have an unique experience on their mats. She is passionate about having fun, learning new things, and exploring what is possible for each of us in yoga.

Power Up is a 1 hour class that follows the Journey into Power Sequence. The class is designed to help students explore their growing edge. A balance of effort and ease, Laura’s class will be playful, energetic, and invigorating.